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The anti-terrorist team grew from need to establish a Counter Revolutionary Warfare capability within the SAS. The Counter Revolutionary Wing (CRW) from which the anti-terrorist team would emerge, came into being in the early 70s literally overnight. A squad was sent directly to the Rover factory, commandeering the next four white Range Rovers from the production line (they now use black ones). It appears that the Prime Minister himself had intervened to authorise the immediate procurement of the vehicles and whatever other specialist equipment the new unit required.

The team quickly grew into a full Squadron commitment, with the anti-terrorist team well to the fore.

CRW team member image

CRW Team Image

While the anti-terrorist team deals mainly with domestic incidents within the UK, the CRW is active all over the world, collating information about terrorist and militant groups and working with the intelligence agencies of our own as well as other governments in a bid to combat the international terrorist problem. Knowledge is everything in the fight against terrorism and it is CRW which provides the anti-terrorist team with information about their enemy and the best tactics to use to get the job done.

CRW is, therefore, heavily involved in the development of CQB (Close Quarter Battle) skills. As well as covering the assault techniques used by the anti-terrorist team, CRW is involved in close protection work for VIPs including the royal family, members of parliament and visiting foreign dignitaries. All SAS troopers are trained in CRW procedures and many, on leaving the Regiment, find work as bodyguards for politicians and heads in countries throughout the world.

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Source & courtesy SAS Soldier X

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