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The SAS's 50th anniversary once again bought the regiment back to the desert; Lieutenant General Peter de la Billiere was promoted to commander of the British ground forces in the Gulf. Billiere, himself vastly experienced in desert warfare convinced General Schwartcoff that the involvement of the SAS in the land campaign was essential to the success of the Gulf and within hours of the Iraqi invasion the SAS arrived in the Gulf.

In the Gulf War, the SAS's job was similar to their forerunners in World War Two: they were inserted inside enemy territory in Iraq to gather intelligence and destroy mobile Scud missile launchers.

Bravo Two Zero

They are also involved in the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan alongside the US Delta Force. When Taliban and Al-Qaida prisoners tried to escape in Afghanistan, the SAS was reputedly called in. They also rescued two CIA men who were trapped behind enemy lines.

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