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Mobility is probably one of the oldest skills in the Regiment. Dating back to WWII, the SAS used "gun jeeps" to help provide mobility and heavier fire power. The Mobility Troop of today still has the same role as the SAS soldiers of WWII, to travel deep behind enemy lines and cause havoc on the enemy.

Mobility Troop specialise in insertion methods using vehicles such as the Land Rover, LSV (Light Strike Vehicle) and motor bike. Its members are trained in navigation, maintenance and driving.

Mobility Troop operates using a variety of vehicles, of which the SAS 'Pink Panther' or 'Pinkie' is best known. The Regiment decided to paint their vehicles pink when an old aircraft, shot down during World War II, was found in the middle of the desert - the sand had burnished it pink.

The Land Rover Defender 110 which comes fitted with a variety of armaments including GPMGs (General Purpose Machine Guns), .50 cal machine guns, and the Mark 19 40mm grenade launcher. Additional weapons include 80mm mortars and Milan anti-tank missiles.

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Other vehicles used by Mobility Troop include KTM 350, Honda 250 motorbikes and Quad Bikes; the Honda is preferred as it is very quiet. Courses for member of Mobility Troop cover several weeks with the REME (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) learning basic mechanical fault finding and training in cross-country conditions.

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