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Since the beginning of the twentieth century Argentina has claimed sovereignty over the Falkland Islands. But their claims took a dramatic turn when they invaded them on the 2nd April 1982, a small Royal Marine presence on the island was no obstacle for a nation's army and they surrendered.

SAS teams were sent beforehand for reconnaissance purposes.

Their first task was reconnaissance of South Georgia, an island about 1,300 km to the east of the Falkland Isles. On 21 April a helicopter inserted 16 men of Mountain Troop (D sqn) to establish an observation point (OP) at a place called Fortuna Glacier. The weather was horrific and arctic. Some weapons froze up.

Because of the severe danger of frostbite and hypothermia extraction was requested the next day. One of the Wessex extraction helicopters crashed just after picking up seven SAS men at around 1.30 PM. One SAS soldier damaged his back. A second helicopter crashed. A third helicopter flew away with some of the SAS men.

Their success's included destroying an Argentine submarine in Cumberland Bay, guided Harrier attacks to Port Stanley airport to destroy Argentine helicopters, and blew up 11 jet fighters on Pebble Island to name but a few.

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